Renovate the sprinkler tank

- a sustainable and economic solution

Renovate the sprinkler tank instead of replacing it.

A sprinkler tank, with its hundreds of cubic meters of water, ensures that you can quickly extinguish a fire. Or - does it? It all depends on the condition of the tank.

The sprinkler tank plays a key role in fire protection. A sprinkler system without water does not do much good. To provide adequate fire protection, the tank must supply water at the volume and pressure for which the system is designed. The sprinkler tank must always be ready, even if it will never be used. So what happens if the tank leaks or is full of sediment? Then it may be time for a sprinkler tank renovation.

Find out all about how it works and what you can gain from renovating your sprinkler system.

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Why renovate?

  • Secure fire protection
  • Reduced risk of damage to sprinkler systems
  • Reducing the risk of damage to premises
  • Reduced risk of reprimand from insurance companies

Tank renovation starts with a tank inspection


For insurance companies to accept a water sprinkler system, it must meet the requirements of SBF 120:8. Sprinkler tank maintenance means, among other things, that you must inspect and clean the interior of the sprinkler tank every 10 years. You follow the rules. All is well then, isn't it?

Perhaps not. Sheet steel tanks will eventually start to rust. How and when rusting starts varies, but once corrosion has taken hold, it happens quickly. But you can't see it without inspecting the inside of the tank. Nowadays it is easy to carry out such an inspection using an underwater drone.

Renovate the sprinkler tank before damage occurs


Allowing rust to run rampant creates several problems. The most obvious is that the rust corrodes the tank and water leaks out. If the tank is indoors, you may have water damage in the building. But above all, the tank will probably contain too little water and provide too little pressure in an emergency.

Corrosion can also affect the strength of the entire structure. What happens if the sprinkler tank simply collapses?

Another problem is that rust and metal flakes form a layer of sediment at the bottom of the tank, where the outgoing line is usually located. If the sediment is the first to be discharged into the sprinkler system, there is a risk of clogging the entire system.

How we renovate your sprinkler tank


Tank renovation with epoxy requires no maintenance and lasts virtually forever.

Sprinkler tank renovation with reinforced epoxy

It is perfectly possible to renovate a corroded sprinkler tank by coating the inside with reinforced epoxy. The structure becomes stronger and the new surface does not corrode. The result is basically a new tank inside the old one.

Sprinkler tank renovation with expoxy is a good solution. Epoxy adheres well to metal, withstands mechanical stress well and is resistant to many chemicals. The coating has a dense and non-porous surface that is also strong and durable.

The factor that has the greatest degrading effect on epoxy is sunlight, which is not a problem inside a tank. Epoxy can also be adversely affected by excessive heat or cold. If there is a risk of the sprinkler tank being exposed to excessive heat or cold, we protect the structure with insulation.

How does a tank renovation work?

Renovating a sprinkler tank is an extensive project with a lot of planning. Nevertheless, a sprinkler tank renovation does not require much commitment from the customer. We have developed a method where we work in a concentrated way, in as little time as possible. We can also use this method to renovate water tanks with other functions, such as process water tanks or tanks at water treatment plants.

Tank repairs should always be carried out by personnel who are trained and authorized to work under the special conditions of tank renovation.

The process of renovating a sprinkler tank looks like this:

  • Inspection of the tank. By eye and/or by underwater drone.
  • We make an on-site visit.
  • We are looking at how to solve the emptying of the tank and water supply during the renovation.
  • We are also looking at how we can work effectively on the inside of the tank.
  • The inside of the sprinkler tank is blasted or sanded.
  • The surfaces are coated with primer.
  • Reinforced epoxy is applied in several layers depending on the shape of the tank.

Our staff is certified for:

  • work in confined spaces
  • working with epoxy
  • working at height
  • working in an environment with silica dust
  • fall protection
  • explosive work
  • hot work
  • truck
  • scaffolding construction 11 m

Benefit from renovating your sprinkler tank in time!

You don't have to wait until the sprinkler tank breaks to renovate it. A tank renovation may as well be a preventive measure to ensure safe operation.

In the unfortunate event of a fire, it can pay off to have a clean sprinkler tank. Then the insurance company cannot claim for lack of fire protection. Should they be able to demonstrate deficiencies, compensation may be lower and insurance premiums higher.

Renovating a sprinkler tank will always be cheaper than restoring a fire-damaged building. And it will definitely be worth every penny to have done everything possible to prevent injuries.

Would you like to know more about how you can strengthen your fire protection by renovating your sprinkler tank? Take a look at our reference jobs or get in touch to find out more about sprinkler tank renovation!

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