Reinforced structure in connection with tank renovation

Like many other sawmills around Sweden, Stora Enso in Söderhamn needed to overhaul one of its sprinkler tanks that was around 20 years old.

The inside of the tank had been washed on a previous occasion but was still heavily affected by rust. Water was seeping along the bottom of the tank. The corrosion had also worn away so much of the cargo that the whole structure was weakened.


One of our strengths is our ability to solve problems that arise during a renovation. In this case, we had problems with a weakened structure. We solved it by casting a heel on the outside of the tank to secure the structure.

The renovation followed the normal process and took a total of 21 days from emptying to refilling:

  • Visual inspection and underwater drone survey
  • The inside of the tank was blasted clean.
  • The surfaces are coated with primer and epoxy.

During the renovation, an external company provided temporary pools for the approximately 400 m³ of water that had to be kept on hand.

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