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Cookies are small text files that the website stores on your computer. The cookie then sends information back to us or a third party. For example, a third party may be social media and advertising and analytics companies. The type of information sent depends on which cookie it is.

Strict or session cookies: Cookies that are necessary for the website to function. This type of cookie disappears when you close your browser or device.

Functionality cookies or persistent cookies: Cookies that are used to make it easier to use the website so that you can, for example, use the website. do not have to make the same settings again.

Analytical cookies or third party cookies: Cookies used to analyze how visitors use the website e.g.. how many people visit a particular page or how long they stay on the website. Google Analytics collects information and reports website usage statistics without personally identifying individual visitors to Google.

You can read more about Google's privacy policy here, about ads here and how Google uses cookies here.

If you do not want your visits to this website to appear in the Google Analytics statistics, there is an add-on that you can install in your browser. The extension can be downloaded from the Google website.

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