Epoxy coating protects iron sulphate pool

The pool consists of a concrete cistern lined internally with a porous epoxy coating. As iron sulphate breaks down concrete and reinforcement, a poor coating would mean a risk of leakage. For this reason, Gryaab had extremely high demands on the quality of the coating.

AJ Floor Solutions (now Cistern Solutions Sweden) was tasked with fixing and improving the epoxy coating that the previous contractor had failed to do. A major challenge of the project was to demolish the existing substandard coating and create a clean surface for our system.

We chose to work with a proven product - Nils Malmgren's tank top coating - which is of very high quality both in terms of portability and chemical resistance.

Quick facts

  • Treatment: Nils Malmgren's tank top coating
  • Surface area: approx. 1200 m²
  • Customer: Gryaab

Additional reference

The same tank top coating was used to protect stainless steel tanks at Clariant's plant in Uddevalla.